AI Music is Getting Scary Good..

Plus: Instagram's Reels Updates, Elon's BBC Interview

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It’s finally happened 😱

Montana becomes the first state to approve complete TikTok ban in the state. The general consensus is that this will serve as an experiment to see if the other states will follow suit. We’ll keep close eyes on this one.

Let’s dive into AI generated music today, and look at some crazy videos going viral on Social Media. I believe we’ll be seeing the whole industry transforming fairly soon with these new advancements. Let’s get into it.

🎤 AI music is getting good, fast

Linkin Park - Lost

Remember this music video? It served as a starting point on how the music industry would change with the rise of generative AI.

While this was on the video side, the audio side of AI was also (audibly) making moves. Let’s look at some examples 👇

👉 Artist covers famous songs


AI Drake cover of NewJeans - OMG #drake #newjeans #aicover


These sound way too real bro, it’s actually getting scary 😳 #kendricklamar#kanyewest#kanye #kendrick#raptok#kanyetok#kdot


XXXTENTACION & Juice WRLD - Mockingbird (AI Cover) By Eminem #mockingbird #mockingbirdeminem #eminem #eminemai #eminemcover #juicewrld #j... See more

👉 Using AI artists to ‘feature’ on your own tracks (my favourite usecase)


Wow. #AI is proving to be its own game😳🔥🎶 A rap group called ‘AllttA’ used AI to “feature” #JayZ on a song they wrote. Rate this out of 10... See more

👉 The craziest example yet of a ‘complete’ song with Drake and The Weeknd 🔥


hi im ghostwriter. #drake #aivoice #theweeknd #ai #aidrake #theweekndai

👉 Examples of using AI in music production


Using A.I. to make Drake rap about beans. #uberduck #artificialintelligence #drake


🤯 A.I. 2PAC writes a new song 🤯 #ai #aimusic #2pac #tupac #tupacshakur #fyp #fypシ #foryou #artificialintelligence #chatgpt #robot #music #... See more

Were you here when the music industry was disrupted?? As amazing as these generations are, we know the music industry isn’t too fond of getting things shaken up.

UMG is busy sending takedown notices left and right, and even Drake chimes in saying that his AI cover of Ice Spice’s Munch is the final straw 😂

Here are some of the top AI music apps available now:

Can’t wait to see more examples of AI music coming out!

🔥 News

👉 Elon Musk interview highlights the importance of media done well

👉 Instagram launches new updates for Reels editing, Analytics, Trends (it’s a big one)

📸 Video of the day

Continuing the AI music trend 🕺🏻


Michael Jackson - Die For You (The Weeknd ia cover) - Goularta Studio #michaeljackson #kingofpop

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