Is Bluesky the Real Deal? 🌁

Plus: Grimes AI, Facebook Ads go Berserk

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Happy first of May! May is the Mental Health Awareness month, and let’s not forget Mother’s Day on the 14th 👩‍👧. My first half marathon went well, coming in just around 1:52. Now, the training for the full marathon starts… after a couple of days break.

Let’s look at Bluesky today, an app that is supposed to dethrone Twitter 👇

🔵 WTF is Bluesky?

Birds migrating away from Twitter

What’s the deal?

Bluesky is making waves.

As Twitter undergoes changes with Elon Musk at the helm, a portion of the users aren’t fans of what’s going on to the platform.

Queue Bluesky - the invite-only (currently) social media platform which essentially is Twitter (albeit, a decentralized version), created by the original Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey. Recently, seems like many celebrities and politicians are moving to this alternative.

Let me in!

As with any social platforms, getting in early should be your highest priority. You can join the waitlist here, although more prominent Twitter users are getting past the line to get into the Beta early.

You can also keep a close eye on Twitter and/or let your followers know that you’re in search for one.

How many days until Elon puts a stop to users discussing Bluesky on Twitter like he did with Substack? 🤐

Here’s a TikTok to wrap it up 👇


#greenscreen If anyone is on bluesky hmu!!! #bluesky #twitter #tech #techtok

🔥 News

👉 Musicians (mainly Grimes) are proposing new royalties plans in the rise of AI music

👉 Facebook ads went berserk, causing blank spends across campaigns

📸 Video of the day

The friendliest, hoppiest sheep you’ll see 😂


The way she smells the camera 🤣🤣🤣 (IG/arctic.fluffs via @ViralHog) #pubity

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