David Choe and Beef 🥩

Plus: Instagram adds more links, Twitter backpedals on blue checkmarks

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Yep, the AI song ft. Drake and the Weeknd were pulled from all streaming platforms over the past week. The music labels have spoken that it do NOT like being messed with. Will this slow down the rise of new AI music popping off on social media? Yes, probably. Will this be the norm in the coming years? Eh, I don’t see it happening - the cat’s out of the bag. And this cat is trained on trillions of music data and can replicate any sound to a tee. How do we stop something like that??


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Let’s get to today’s topic - WTF is going on with David Choe in the show Beef?

🥩 David Choe

David Choe and the Beef crew

Are we about to see David Choe get cancelled for real this time?

The artist/actor/influencer entrepreneur has been in hot waters for a while now. In 2014, Choe recounts a story on his podcast about forcing his massage therapist to watch him jack off and eventually perform sexual acts on him. Asa Akira (co-host) interjects to say that he was “basically” admitting to rape.


"Beef" actor David Choe is facing backlash after comments he made in 2014 resurfaced. #netflix #aliwong #stevenyeun #fyp

Who is this guy?

David Choe is an American artist, musician, actor from Los Angeles. He rose to fame (and riches) particularly after being commissioned by Facebook to draw several murals for their first office. Choe chose to receive company stock in lieu of cash payment for the original Facebook murals, and his shares were valued at approximately $200 million on IPO.


#greenscreen @davidchoe is goated. Here is how the artist managed to get paid $200 million dollars for one job. #painting #artist #mural #... See more

He now spends in time doing whatever the f*ck he wants, and frequents in podcasts like the Joe Rogan Experience.


David Choe tells the story about going insane #joerogan #davidchoe #foryou #fyp #podcast #emotional #clip #insane #truestory #congo #dinos... See more


With the rise of the show’s popularity (it’s pretty good), fans have resurfaced David Choe’s 2014 comments. While the show’s executives have released a joint statement on David’s actions, many are just not happy with how David has been given the hit show as a platform.

While it’s likely that David Choe will walk away scot-free on this one (just like last time), can’t say the same for his chances on coming back to Beef if it ever gets a second season.

I’d still recommend the show to anyone. One of my favourites this year 🔥 

🔥 News

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👉 Twitter reinstates blue checkmarks to users with over a million followers

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