Gender Change, Tomioka

Plus: Twitter's Legacy Blue Ticks, Imgur's Tumblr Moment

Hi everyone,

Friday’s come around again! Some local news got me shook when I saw that some thieves stole $15m worth of gold at my good ol’ local airport, the Toronto Pearson?? 😱

It’s cemented to be one of the largest heists in the history of Canada, joining the likes of the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist - when 3,000 tonnes of syrup valued at $18.7m were stolen from a storage facility in Quebec.

Jesus. I can’t think of anything more Canada-ified villainy than stealing a bunch of f*cking maple syrup.

Anyways.. we’re going to take a break on the AI breakthroughs and go back to our roots: viral trends of the week 👇

💁‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️ Gender change

It’s another AI filter trend on TikTok! This time, it’s all about seeing what you would look like as the opposite gender 😂


never lowering my standards ever again #CapCut #fyp #faceapp #genderswap


#CapCut im in literal tears rn😭#genderswap #foryou #fyp


#CapCut #genderswap

Bonus points of going viral if you look hot in the aftermath.

🎶 Tomioka is the song of the summer!!

.. or at least that’s what TikTok thinks. This song is going viral for good reasons - it has a fun dance and the song’s catchy.


Tomioka Still The Song Of The Summer ‼️


Musically stars hop on this trend

The artist Jay Eazy is proof that consistency and dedication are key. He’s averaging 3 posts a day for the last 2 years on his songs 🤯

🔥 News

👉 Twitter has removed Legacy Blue Ticks (effective April 20th) ‘mostly’ for all

👉 BuzzFeed News shuts down amid layoffs

👉 Imgur to disallow NSFW content (Tumblr 2.0?), as well as its older content

👉 Microsoft leaves Twitter as an advertising platform, in response to the API fees. Elon threatens to sue in response 😂

📸 Video of the day

Children books in rap form 🔥


Rappin “Dr. Seuss’s ABC” by Dr. Seuss! #rappinrhymebooks #DrSeuss #FYP #fyp #foryourpage #rap #bars

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