💥 Lebron vs. Elon Musk

Plus: Business Pranks, IG kills NFTs, Lemon8

Happy April everyone 🙌

I admit it.

I wanted Duolingo’s new dating show to be real. so. bad.


The most unhinged reality TV show yet, hosted by yours truly 😘 Love Language, a new @Duolingo and @peacock original series where sexy sing... See more

Unfortunately it’s not, and one of the many social media teams pranking the world on April 1st 😩

Anyways, let’s get to the main topic of today - wtf is going on with Twitter and their checkmarks?

Pay up or lose it ✔️

TMZ, Getty - Lebron James

There’s many things Lebron and I have in common (he and I are both pretty good at basketball)

Add not wanting to pay for Twitter verification to the list.

Lebron’s tweet went viral to the response of Twitter overhauling their Twitter Blue verification system.

Long story short - Old verified users with the ‘legacy’ verified checkmark will lose the symbol, unless they pay up (for users, $5/mo. Businesses, $1000/mo)

Sounds like Lebron’s not willing to give over Elon some pocket change.

He’s not the only one though, as the official New York Times Twitter account is also refusing to pony up.

@nytimes and their 55M followers

Elon isn’t taking the news very well, calling New York Times… many things 🤣

I’d be generous in saying that Twitter under Elon has had a rocky past couple of months 🗿

A quick recap:

Seems like there’s always something to talk about when Elon’s at the helm of things.

Looking forward to the next series of drama 😋

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