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We’re going to dive into Midjourney today and find out why this AI app is changing the Social Media game.

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🎨 Journeying with Midjourney

Abstract ballroom - Midjourney

Midjourney has been a hot topic in social media, for a good reason.

It’s probably the best image generative AI tool to come out of this whole AI big bang.

I mean, must be pretty good if it won a fine arts competition and sparked a global debate right? 🤷🏻‍♂️

What really cemented the future of Midjourney was when they released its v5 model a month ago, improving on its realism and fixing ‘hands’

What do we do when AI generated images look so real that it becomes impossible to tell the difference?

It might happen sooner than you think, given the speed of innovation in AI the past couple of months.


We’ve officially entered the era of AI propaganda. With the release of Midjourney v5, it’s become almost impossible to tell what’s real vs... See more

You’re not alone if you’ve seen this picture of the pope circulating around 🤣

So how can we profit from Midjourney ourselves? Here’s a couple of use cases that I’m seeing in the wild 👇

1/ Create graphics for creatives, ads, posts, you name it

Our favourite social media guy Matt Navara is using it for his newsletter thumbnails (I’m gonna steal this idea from him)

2/ Be a prompt engineer?

Prompting (the process of providing text to generate) is an art of its own. Makes sence when the final product is entirely dependent on the prompt.

Prompt ‘influencers’ are popping off left and right, sharing what it takes to generate the best images on the market currently.

3/ Talk about it on social media

AI is hot topic right now, and influencers are cashing in on the hype.

Here are couple of my favourite 👇


Midjourney Upcoming Updates Coming Soon #education #ai #midjourney #aiart #stablediffusion


Explaining Midjourney Ai's different models. #ai #artificialintelligence #midjourney #cool #fyp #foryou #fypシ


Is AI art real art? Let me know your thoughts below. #art #artificialintelligence #ai #aiart #artist

Are you sold on the hype of Midjourney, or scared of its implications?

To be honest, I’m on both sides.

Meanwhile… I’m going to fully take advantage of its features and save me time in content creation 😋

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Angel Reese

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Harry Potter x Balenciaga - the crossover only possible with AI 🤣

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