Wes Anderson Takes Over TikTok 🎬

Plus: Pinterest's comeback, Snap AI lashback

Hi everyone!

I’ve got a half marathon scheduled for Sunday. I’ve been training for it for the past months, and the goal is to do it in 2 hours. Won’t lie to you, my TikTok feed is full of #runtok and I’m all for the algorithm catering to my needs 😁

Let’s get to today’s topic - the world goes Wes Anderson 🎬

🎬 Wes Anderson Goes Viral

Grand Budapest Hotel - Wes Anderson

You’ve probably heard of or watched a Wes Anderson film. Producing works such as Moonrise Kingdom, Grand Budapest Hotel, and The French Dispatch, Wes Anderson is known for his unique visual style (symmetry, pastel colour palette) quirky characters, and nostalgic tone. His films often have a whimsical, dreamlike quality that sets them apart from other filmmakers.

TikTok’s Obsession

It all started with this TikTok 🤳🏻


I’ve recently discovered Wes Anderson and his films so here’s a quick & fun little video for this trend

Shot just from a phone. Others joined in on the trend 👇


This is my favorite trend all year #wesanderson


love of my life 🖤 #wesanderson #cinematography #videography #filmtok

.. and of course. It’s not truly viral without some business accounts chiming in 😂


Playoff practice but make it ✨aesthetic✨ #LetsGoOilers #StanleyCup #wesanderson


FA Cup, but make it Wes Anderson ✨ #wesanderson #wembleystadium #facup #bbcsport #bbcfootball

It’s always the sports accounts who are on top of it I swear 😅

Interested in making a similar style of video on your own? Canva’s got you covered.


Replying to @hannyboobear Here’s a quick look at how you can create the Wes Anderson video trend in Canva 🎥 #wesanderson #videotrendtutori... See more

I can get used to more film trends coming to TikTok. It’s finally coming full-circle.

🔥 News

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👉 Pinterest reports another strong quarter of growth, but shares tumble

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