💥 Youtube Drama ft. h3h3, Mr. Beast and Chris Tyson

Plus: News platforms leave Twitter, x.com??

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We’re getting 25-30 degrees weather here in Toronto for the last few days (amazing). Forecast says it’s gonna be close to 0 next week (not amazing). The temperature turbulence is nothing new in Canada and has gotten me feeling like this 🙄

Ok, let’s dive in. Some crazy sh*t going down on YouTube land these days.

Let’s cover some of the drama with H3H3’s Ethan Klein and Mr Beast 👇

👨‍👧 Ethan and his $620K

H3H3 on Hot Ones

Comedian and podcast host Ethan Klein has accused BroadbandTV, a multi-channel network (MCN), of stealing $620,000 from him. The chunk of the money seems to be a percentage of the premium membership revenue of his YouTube channel (his podcast is within the top 20 on YouTube in the US)

WTF is an MCN?

Multi-Channel Networks work with successful YouTube creators to help them monetize their content.

They can provide benefits in various ways - Funding, production, analytics, network to other creators, and the list goes on. The monetize directly from the channel’s revenue, a strategy which can differ depending on the channel.

Drama unfolds

Ethan claims his contract with BBTV allowed him to keep 100% of YouTube revenue and BBTV was only supposed to take a cut from sponsorships it facilitated. BBTV has rebutted, claiming that it is entitled to a 30% cut of membership revenue based on Klein's contract.

Other creators, such as Kavos, have voiced similar complaints against BBTV after Klein's allegations.

While MCNs were originally created to help creators monetize their videos on YouTube, but their value proposition is in jeopardy as YouTube has evolved its systems for creators to directly monetize their content.

After the public fiasco, BBTV and the CEO went ghost on Twitter.

Things didn’t look so promising, but -

What now?

As of yesterday, Ethan claims that they have squashed the beef, and is getting the entire money back 🔥

All’s well that ends well.

Lesson here? Do your due diligence on your money, kings and queens 📝

🎥 Chris Tyson and Mr. Beast

Chris Tyson from the Mr. Beast crew

If you’re a part of the millions of people watching Mr. Beast on YouTube, you’re probably familiar with Chris Tyson. He revealed recently that he’s been on HRT for 2 months, leading to noticeable changes that the viewers have been pointing out 👇

What is HRT?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a medical treatment that supplements or replaces hormones in the body. Common hormones used in HRT include estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

While originally used mainly for women during menopause, it is now generally more discussed and available for both men and women.

The controversy

While many (including Mr Beast) are in support of Chris’s decision, many of the public aren’t exactly in agreement. This particular video by a YouTuber sent many creators voicing their opinions👇

Mr. Beast and many others chimed in -

The takeaway

My take is to have none. It’s best to leave opinions on what people do to their own bodies to their own.

We’re not trying to get anyone cancelled here 🤷🏻‍♂️

🔥 News

👉 Major news platforms (NPR, PBS), are leaving Twitter after the platform marks them with ‘Government-funded media’

👉 Twitter is re-launching their Creator Subscription Program, and is now incorporated under x.com (Elon’s plan coming to life)

📸 Post of the day

Billionaires working service jobs - created by Midjourney 😳

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